About Us

Part of the REPL Group, Tinderstone offers the unique combination of skilled game development and the best of system integration and retail applications knowledge. The wide range of applications and services we offer are designed to increase basket size and make the consumer experience more entertaining; enhancing engagement and brand loyalty. Our experts can also show you how gamification is being used in the m-commerce world to deliver visually rich, easy-to-use applications for assisted service scenarios. Innovative, efficient and flexible, we focus on producing high quality, cost effective results fast. Contact us to find out how we can help your business get the edge in an increasingly competitive market.

Mike Callender

President and CEO

Mike is a managing partner and founder of REPL Group. He has over ten years experience in providing change management solutions, including the roll-out of stock solution and Workforce Management Solutions. In the last few years he has specifically focused on WFM and BOS projects for the likes of Shell, Total and Asda. Mike’s current area of expertise is gamification for retail, pushing the boundaries of technology and retail combined.

Bryan Black


Bryan joined the Games Industry in 1996, enjoying early success with the number 1 hits, Colin McRae Rally and ToCA Touring Cars. He has always played a pivotal role in any position he has had since then, including: leading the Central Technology Team that built the Codemasters’ EGO Engine; and pioneering networking and online technology as Technical Director of the Codemasters Online Studio. His technical and analytical skills, and love of games development make Bryan a powerful and invaluable asset to the Tinderstone team.

Justin Forrest

Creative Director

Driven to create high quality, compelling, fun experiences on any format, Justin provides the creative juices for the Tinderstone Team. Acting in both Lead Designer and Producer roles at EA and Codemasters, Justin has a proven track record of critically acclaimed and commercially successful titles including Brian Lara Cricket and Fight Night Round 4. Added to his extensive experience in building and leading development teams and studios, Justin’s attributes are a perfect complement to the skills provided by the other Tinderstone Directors.

Harvey Greensall

Art Director

Harvey is a highly creative, skilled and enthusiastic industry veteran. With an impressive portfolio that includes: Colin McRae Rally, DIRT, Operation Flashpoint, and F1 Online, Harvey was also Co-founder of the studio which released the critically acclaimed ‘Buccaneer – the pursuit of infamy’. Trained at the legendary Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany, he has 10 years’ experience in leading Architecture and Design studios creating 3D animation and design work for major global clients.